Developed for today's modern active lifestyle, Wax:One is the solution for those needing a fast, comfortable waxing service with the highest quality products.

Wax:One provides a simple, powerfully effective system that quickly delivers super smooth results whilst minimising the risk of ingrown hairs.

With premium quality in both hot wax and strip wax you can be sure that we have the waxing solution for you. Because Wax:One has a lower than average melting temperature, a super thin viscosity that contours the body ensuring it doesn't become brittle and snap hairs it really does reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and gives a more comfortable client experience

Full Leg £28

Includes feet and toes

Half Leg £20

Up to the knee including feet and toes

Basic Bikini £15

Outside normal knicker line

High Bikini £20

For that higher leg bikini

Brazilian £30

The landing strip

Hollywood £35

Totally bare

Underarm £15

Eyebrow £12

Upper Lip £9

Chin £9

Waxing Ipswich