CND Shellac

Shellac is the 1st hybrid nail colour that we in the industry are calling a “power polish”. Shellac is different to all the ‘gel polishes’ that seem to be taking the market by storm and here is why… A gel polish can cause dehydration to the nail plate, the nail has to be buffed prior to application and has to be filed during removal or soaked in acetone for a substantial period of time, this can cause damage to your natural nail and the skin surrounding it.


With Shellac there is no need to buff the nail before application, it does not dehydrate the nail and it actually helps to strengthen and grow your own natural nails plus removal can take just 5 minutes with a nourishing remover with no filing or drilling to the nail.


Shellac goes on like polish and wears like gel. It is chip free, has zero dry time and has a crystal shine finish, so why wait for your nail varnish to dry when you can Shellac!


Please note that Shellac MUST be removed by your therapist so that it is done professionally and carefully, if you sit and pick off your Shellac you will damage your own nails underneath.

Shellac Manicure/Pedicure £30

Includes shaping of the nails, meticulous cuticle work and CND Shellac colour of your choice

Removal and Tidy £15

Includes removal of your CND Shellac, shaping of the nails and nourishing Solar Oil applied

(removal is complimentary with any Re-Shellac treatment)

Nail art using one method from £3 per set

Choice of glitter, foil or simple stamping techniques

Nail art using two or more methods from £5 per set

Choice of hand painted designs, fashion techniques, encapsulated glitter, full coverage foils etc

Embellishments and Swarovski Crystals are available for an extra charge

Gel Polish Manicure Ipswich