Ancient techniques from all over the globe, specifically designed to help treat ailments of the body, induce relaxation, calm the senses and unwind your mind. The perfect stress busting treatments

Hot Lava Shell Massage £60

Lava Shells® are the world’s first self-heating massage tool. A patented, natural, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Lava Shell which then emits heat for up to an hour allowing your therapist to provide a continuous and seamless warm body massage. The unique shape and angles of the shell become an extension of the therapist’s hands, giving a deeply therapeutic relief exactly where needed

Indian Head Massage £30

Lie back and relax in this scalp, shoulder & face massage. Perfect to unwind from a long stressful day, reduce anxiety and promote a more peaceful nights sleep.

Swedish Massage

Using a stress relieving treatment oil to ease the tension and relax the body and soul. Swedish massage techniques will leave you feeling stress free, reduce knots and alleviate aches and pains. It will improve mobility, circulation, lymphatic drainage and help with any anxiety. Massage enhances the feeling of well-being through the comfort of touch.

  • Full Body Massage £45

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £30

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